"People are the heart of change; without their engagement, technology alone can't transform organizations"


A digital transformation journey from a human-centered approach

Empowering teams to create and evolve successful  solutions for a hybrid workplace. Connecting the best of technology, design, innovation and agility into strategic change management.

What we do

Change Management

We help reduce resistance and facilitate strategic changes and evolutions towards a digitally advanced organization.

Organizational Design

Designing modern organizational structures, teams, and roles that align with  the evolving technological landscape and satisfy value-added demands towards clients.

Enterprise Agility

We infuse agility into your company by incorporating mindsets, methodologies, frameworks and tools within teams dedicated to crafting digital products and services

Culture & Engagement

We develop strategies and initiatives to improve and strengthen engagement within teams using user-centered design methods.

Coaching & Trainning

We empower leaders that are transitioning into product oriented ways of working. Wheather product owners or leadership roles in tech or innovation teams.

Research & Assesments

Researching and analyzing culture, performance, and transitions through different tools, assessments and data.

Related cases


Banco Centroamericano de Integración Económica

We identify the current state of the organization and the challenges they face to become an agile bank in the region. We accompany them with a concrete action plan with a roadmap to deliver value to the organization.


Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo

We developed agile processes internally and towards clients, improving the interface of the fiduciary areas, connectivity with the client and knowledge management. We created a platform to bring new ideas and opportunities for improvement.



We defined the digital transformation vision from the main SGS management teams in Peru. Through guided sessions we helped them to identify their current situation, as well as strategic transformation initiatives based on their strengths.


Relink (OTIC Sofofa)

We facilitate the upskilling and reskilling of professionals through skills-based training paths to work in various industries. We generate content to feed the intelligence of the platform's algorithm and develop pedagogical documents for the training path of each profile.



We help define, measure and design internal platforms to manage the evolution of corporate talent. We work to optimize the people transformation strategy, in the measurement and development of corporate teams.

Our clients

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